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Outsource Your Billing...
TimeBillers, Inc. is a billing outsource service company for lawyers and small law firms (10 timekeepers and below) who bill clients and track time.  We enter your billing information into our computers and provide you with client bills to mail to your clients.
Process is easy...
  • You track your time on our forms or yours;
  • Fax the forms to us, or provide time entered on disk via e-mail;
  • We enter your information into our computer billing software;
  • We provide you with your Work-in-Progress (WIP, aka Pre-Bills), client statements and billing reports; and ...
  • You approve and mail the statements to your clients, or we can mail them directly.
 We Need from You...
  • Cutoff Date for collecting data (time, costs, client payments and trust information);
  • Date each month you would like your bills to go out by; and
  • A copy of your letterhead so we can recreate it as closely as possible in the billing software.
Easy Access...
  • Fax
  • Mail
  • E-mail
  • Messenger Service
  • Overnight Service
  • You choose
We Provide...
  • Monthly Client Statements
  • Monthly Past Due Notices
  • Billing Reports that show:
    • Summary Aged Accounts Receivable
    • Monthly Payments Received
    • Monthly Files Invoiced
    • Hours Worked by Timekeeper
    • Trust Account/Retainer Reports
... and any other reports you need to manage your practice, simply ask for reports you need.
Benefits to you:
The Billing Process is Solved: We have the timetracking and billing systems set up, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  We use both Timeslips® and CLAS® as our billing software programs, and have a Novell Network installed.
High Quality Output: We use laser printers for all statements and billing reports.
Easy At-a-Glance System: Color-coded forms, bills and reports for fast hands-on access.
No Hardware/Software Costs:  You don't have to pay for computer hardware or software, or the associated repairs and upgrades as technology changes.
 No Training or Support Costs: You don't have to pay training costs or support costs for your in-house employees to have access to people who "know the answers."  We are trained and know the answers when problems appear.
No Employee Costs:  Billing is a time-intensive process, but it doesn't make sense to have a full-time billing clerk/bookkeeper until you have 6-8 attorneys in your office.
Low Monthly Fees: A sole practitioner can have billing services for as little as $200/month from TimeBillers. 
 Tax Advantages:  Since we are an outside professional service, you can write-off all fees paid to us on your taxes and there are no additional employee benefits to figure.  We furnish paper supplies (except forms you choose to buy from us), and we don't take up desk space!
Your Growth:
When you grow to a point where it makes sense to bring the billing function in-house, we can set up your computers.  TimeBillers, Inc. uses and is a licensed reseller of CLAS® and Timeslips® billing software programs.  We will have your data on our computers and can easily transport it to disk and on to your new computers, virtually eliminating setup time.  We can provide billing cycle checklists, process forms, training for key employees and continued support, which is critical in the initial months of operation.
How the service works:
... aka the nuts and bolts
  • One Time Per Week - Your office faxes timesheets to TimeBillers.
  • One Time Per Month - Your office faxes to TimeBillers the following items: 
- Client Costs
- Client Payments
- Client Trust Receipts (deposits);  and
- Client Trust Disbursements (checks 
   written from the trust account).
  • Timebillers enters all timesheets, costs, payments and trust activity into the billing system during the month.
  • The Work-in-Progress (WIP, aka Pre-Bills) is printed.
  • The WIP and a list of all the cases on the WIP is delivered to your office.
  • Your office edits the WIP and decides which cases to bill.  Your office marks the list indicating which cases to bill and which cases to hold, then faxes the list back to TimeBillers along with any pages from the WIP that have written changes.
  • TimeBillers makes your requested changes and prints one original (white bond), one yellow copy and one white copy of each statement.
  • TimeBillers delivers the original and yellow copies of all statements, plus a list of statements billed to your office.
  • Your office approves and mails all finalized statements to your clients.  The yellow copies are for your file.
  • Your office faxes back to TimeBillers the Statements Listing, which your office has marked with the date each statement was mailed.  If you decide to hold any statements, mark that on the sheet as well.  Your office also faxes back any bills that need further changes made, and they are re-printed and delivered back to you.
  • TimeBillers then finalizes or invoices the mailed statements in the billing system.  This is a specific function within the billing program that moves the billed entries off the WIP and places them in Accounts Receivable status.
  • TimeBillers then prints and provides billing reports detailing the month's billing activity.
... then the process starts over again.
Data Ownership/Security:
Our service is to provide you with your client statements on a monthly basis, and make your life easy by already having the process down to an art.  We do not own your data. You may have backups of your data every month if you wish. Your data is not hidden in a black hole.
Your data is stored on a Novell Network Server, version 4.1 for Business, with a firewall and a dual-mirrored hard drive. If one drive fails, the other drive maintains the duplicate data. We also back up the server to tape on a nightly basis.
Service Pricing:
TimeBillers calculates a flat monthly service fee based on a number of factors that affect the process of producing bills each month. We have provided a free estimate form for your ease and convenience. Simply fill in all requested information, submit the form, and we will return our estimate in 24 - 48 working hours.
How to get started:
If you've made the decision that TimeBillers® is the billing outsource service for you, please print out the Firm Information Sheet and fax it to us as 503-675-0175, along with a copy of your letterhead and requested cutoff and statement dates. Be sure to list a contact name and phone number, as we will call and discuss the details of data transfer and your specific office needs.
Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 503-503-675-9700, or toll-free at 1-877-205-BILL(2455).

TimeBillers, Inc.
P.O. Box 3164
Tualatin, OR 97062-3164
Telephone: 503-675-9700
Fax: 503-675-0175
Toll-Free: 1-877-205-2455