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TimeBillers' Billing Services for Law Firms

With today's economy it's essential that businesses have options for their office operations. Our #1 passion at TimeBillers, LLC is to turn the work of law firms into money in their bank accounts. We offer billing services to attorneys and law firms to accomplish this passion. All services are completely confidential. We offer:
    (1) Client Billing - We provide full-cycle billing services (on our computers) from entry to invoicing to end-of-cycle reports. We customize the process to fit your needs, whether you enter your time or want us to enter your timesheets, whether you need us to mail bills out, create PDF bills, use your pre-printed envelopes, to which reports you want to receive. And of course, we accommodate trust and retainer funds. For more information, click here

    (2) Remote Billing - Using your system, we can log in and process your bills from our location. So whether you have an established billing database on an office server, or if you have your billing in the cloud, we can help. Call for more information.

    (3) Ledes Billing If you need Ledes coding and uploading work done, we can accommodate you, whether it's one bill or your entire database. And we make sure you receive confirmations from the auditing website of the upload process. We can also help with the appeal process, if desired.

    Billing is essential to keep your law firm going, the bills paid, and the tax man happy. Billing is the essential piece that turns the work of your law firm into money in your bank accounts.


  • We relieve attorneys from bill processing so they can concentrate on the practice of law

  • We free up employee time for more valuable tasks, increasing office efficiency

  • No more wondering where your money went

  • No training costs

  • No turnover issues

  • Consistent processing to keep your money flowing

  • If you have a billing system set up, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, we can help

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Billing for law firms is what we do. We've been doing it for more than 35 years. We can process your billing and happily coordinate with your in-house staff. We know how law firm admin systems work and if you give us the opportunity, we can help bring consistency into your money flow too.

Can we be your billing service?

To get the process started, you can fill out our Free Estimate for Billing Services, give us a call or send an email to discuss your needs and we'll help you with your billing solutions. Thank you for your interest and business!

Please give us a call to discuss your needs and we'll help you with your decision. Thank you for your interest and business!

TimeBillers' Recommendations:

  1. Copy all checks you receive prior to depositing, and attach the copies to your deposit slips and keep them in a file.

  2. If you process paychecks, hire a payroll service that guarantees their work. The monthly fees are worth the accuracy and if they make a mistake on your payroll, their guarantee is that they will pay the tax penalties.

  3. Have the bank deliver your bank statements to you or your managing partner's home address so that you are the first to open and read the bank statements. Then provide the bank statements to your bookkeeper. This cuts down on the possibility of loss, fraud or embezzlement.

  4. Also, have payroll reports delivered to the managing partner to look at first in the law firm, for the same reasons as 3 above. Look for discrepancies and ask questions.